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Dusk photography: see your home in a new light

We’re finally approaching spring and the nights are getting lighter at last – but the early sunsets are a great time to take advantage of dusk photography services. The low, late winter/early spring light creates a beautiful quality in the photos and the pre-6pm sunset means convenient timings for both our photography team and you, our clients.

Every agent is looking to make their listing standout, and with professional photography now a given on almost all property listings, dusk or night photography could be just the thing to make your listing stand out from all the others.


Why is dusk photography a good choice?

Firstly, it shows a property in an alternative light. In the autumn and winter months, most of us return home in the dark – it’s great to showcase what potential buyers will see when they arrive back from a day at work. Night photography in particular is very atmospheric and some homes are incredibly striking in the dark, for example if they are located somewhere with very little light pollution; standalone properties look amazing with the night sky full of stars lit up above. If a house has an open, west-facing aspect, it’s also a great tool for showcasing incredible sunsets.


What makes a house suitable for dusk or night-time photography?

Almost any home is suitable for night or dusk shots, however the best houses have lots of windows or glass, external lighting or even a particularly unique setting. We mostly do external shots for after dark photography, but internals also work well if they have amazing views or special lighting, or if the house is particularly well suited to entertaining at home. In London, roof terraces and balconies are great for dusk photography – when the night sky is clear, the surrounding buildings look great when lit up in the background.

London skyline at night with the shard
Glasses of wine and candle on graden table at night
Armchair with lamp above
Tower bridge london at dusk

How can homeowners prepare for dusk or night photography?

There can never be too many lights on – light the house up as best as possible! Make sure the house has been decluttered – nothing spoils a shot like too many distracting niknaks. Less is definitely more. Outside the home, make sure that cars, wheely bins and any unsuitable furniture are out of the line of sight; stylish outdoor seating can stay, and make sure you take covers off barbecues. Inside, light a fire (if there is one) or a wood-burning stove; a fire looks amazingly cosy crackling away in the grate. If there’s a wood burner, make sure the glass is clean. All curtains should be open an ideally, if there are French windows or bifold doors, they should be open too.

We usually ask clients or agents for a brief – what are you expecting from the shoot? Internals, externals or both? There’s a small window of opportunity to get the perfect shot, so we’ll arrive before sunset to talk through the best angles with the owner. If you can see an amazing sunset while doing the washing up at the kitchen sink, then tell us! That’s definitely something we should include.


Why are the cooler months best for night/dusk photography?

The shorter days between October and early March are ideal, as appointment times can be arranged for earlier in the afternoon/evening and the photographer’s generally have better availability. In the summer months, dusk photography often has to be as late as 11pm to get the right light – which isn’t always convenient for agents, vendors or our photography team. It can also incur additional charges.

Thames river bank london at night

What should homeowners expect during an appointment?

In short, it’s not dissimilar to a standard daylight photography appointment: the photographer will contact the agent or vendor beforehand to arrange and ask for a brief so they can be certain what’s required. There’s only a small time period available, so it’s best to be specific about what’s needed. The appointment is quite efficient; the evenings can be chilly, so the photographer will try to be as succinct as possible and will often be dressed up for the occasion in cold weather kit! If daytime photography has been done previously, we will usually request the same photographer as they will know the house from the daylight appointment – saving more time.

If you’re interested in dusk photography, contact us in the usual way to find out more and to get a quote.

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