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How can Instagram help sell more London property?

Is your agency on Instagram? If no, why not? If yes, are you using your account effectively? Instagram is one of the best tools in your toolbox to help you sell more houses – it’s definitely the best social media for estate agents, with its visual nature and the chance to capture the attention of online-addicted house hunters with slick video, snappy graphics and top-notch photography. It’s also a cost-effective way to build a relationship with your audience. Take a look at our top tips for how best to use Instagram for estate agents.

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Create Reels to show off properties

Reels are one of the top performing ways to publish on Instagram, and Reels focused on property do particularly well. Part of it is our inherent nosiness, of course – we love to look at what’s out there, even if we’re not in the market to buy – but it’s also due to the short, snappy way to show off a house in the shortest time possible. Estate agents should look at using lots of video content in the marketing of their properties, alongside the more traditional formula of photo + floor plan + a captivating write up (we do all of these too, remember 😉). Property Reels capture a younger audience, help to get listings seen by many, many more people than a standard listing or Instagram post alone, and help to grow Instagram accounts organically – which is loved by the Instagram algorithm.

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Use trending music

Circling back on Reels again, not only are they favoured by Instagram, they will also improve your overall engagement when posted on a regular schedule and with trending music. More people will see your Reels, leading to improved engagement and followers, and potentially more clients over time. We can edit Reels so that they are set to a specific bpm or over royalty-free music; you can of course publish them to the music of your choice which allows you to use trending music – just look for the small upward pointing arrow next to the song name, which will let you know if the song is trending (trending song = wider audience). We’d caution you here to give the trending song a thorough listen before choosing it; profanity or vulgarity can cheapen even the most luxurious home!

Keywords are the new hashtags

Instagram does prefer accounts which use SEO (that’s search engine optimisation), with the algorithm working hard behind the scenes to establish how your content is categorised and displayed to the right audience. Using relevant descriptive keywords within your captions, or in a short list at the end, will mean you’re more likely to appear on the ‘Explore’ page and therefore have your content shown to a wider, and more engaged, audience. But that’s not to say you should stop using hashtags! Just make sure you include a mix of both, and be very specific – if the house isn’t, for example, shabby chic, don’t use that keyword or hashtag in the post. Instagram sees all!

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Show more with a carousel

‘Standard’ Instagram posts are definitely still worth doing too, with the option for a carousel post meaning you can show off multiple static images or videos in one go. With the option for adding hashtags and keywords they are a great tool for increasing reach and engagement. It’s possible to create a very compelling advert, using a mix of static images, floor plans (less easy to show on video) and well-written copy. You can even add details like square footage, any interesting ‘tech’ additions and energy efficiency, for example, without crowding your posts. See below for some examples.

Don’t forget to share to your story

Instagram Stories are a great way to get timely information out to your engaged audience: you could announce a sale, or a new listing; tell your followers about an open house; or let people know about any special offers or changes in your business, like announcing a new hire. Stories are great as they only last for 24 hours, so it’s good if the news isn’t necessarily vital to be on your main feed. You can also use your Story as a way to share your new feed posts, like Reels or carousels, for maximum engagement. Estate agents can also use Instagram’s Story feature to ask questions of the engaged audience such as polls or opinions – great for testing the market out there.

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For more advice on how to maximise your estate agent Instagram or to find out more about our property marketing services, get in touch via the usual channels.

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