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How to prepare your home for an EPC appointment

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What is an EPC?

An EPC is short for an Energy Performance Certificate – a legal document which tells you all about the energy efficiency of a property. A specialist energy assessor will come to your home and look at the type of construction, its heating and cooling systems and all its energy features like boilers, insulation and any renewable energy sources, like solar panels. An EPC is required whenever a house or non-domestic property is sold or let in England. Our team are used to doing EPCs on all shapes and sizes of homes and commercial buildings. We can also provide advice on exemptions (some listed properties may not require an EPC – it depends). If your property was built within the last 10 years a different type of EPC will be required so make sure you mention this when booking.

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How to prepare for an EPC

The energy assessor will attend and carry out a detail inspection on your property, however as it is a non-invasive inspection there are often areas which can’t be accessed. Before the assessor attends consider these limitations and try and collate the paperwork required. For the roof, perhaps it is boarded, or you have a roof room and the insulation will be hidden under the boards or plaster, or you have a flat roof and you have upgraded the insulation. If you don’t have documentation for loft spaces and it is fully boarded, consider moving a few boards so it is visible on the day. Consider any other insulation you may have added to the walls or floors that is now hidden under plasterboard or the floor covering; it is important our assessors are aware of these upgrades. Our assessors will check the local authority planning database for dates of any extensions or loft conversions, but please share any documentation you hold as some authorities are better at making this data publicly available than others.

The key points to remember for your appointment:

  • Prepare and send over any invoices, certificates, guarantees, warranties, planning permission and building control sign offs for upgrade or changes to the property
  • Make sure the assessor is able to access all the rooms and loft spaces (possibly removing some loft boarding)
  • Ensure clear access to the boiler and hot water cylinder and have any manuals ready for inspection
  • Provide access to the gas and electricity meter
  • Windows and doors may need to be opened for inspection so have keys ready or make us aware of any limitations

What happens after the appointment?

The assessor will lodge the EPC with their accreditation body, after which it will be valid for 10 years. It will be available to view on the government EPC Register within a few working days of the survey – make sure you view the full certificate promptly and review it in detail. If you realise that you forgot to share the paperwork on some important upgrades we may be able to amend the certificate, however there is a fee for relodgement which is why it is important to share as much information as possible with us at or prior to the appointment. The EPC will give recommendations to help guide you on potential upgrades that you can make to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce emissions.

If something isn’t clear or you have further queries about how to improve your home, our expert EPC team can offer an advisory service to give you further guidance. They can pinpoint the improvements that will work best for your particular home, which can help you achieve a better rating. If you chose to carry out improvements to the property a new assessment will be required to update the EPC. It’s best to get advice before you spend money on upgrades in order to ensure you obtain the grade you expect.

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We have a team of specialist assessors who can provide a range of EPC and energy advisory services. All services are provided in partnership with Fourwalls Energy

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