Carmelite Place

Marrying old and new

Carmelite Place is a luxury development of 15 homes, set within the desirable area that comprises Hampstead Gardens, Muswell Hill and Highgate. The properties are split between the original Grade II-listed Victorian mansion building and new-build terraced homes: it’s a striking blend of historical and contemporary. Our challenge was to come up with a coherent multi-media marketing package to help market the distinctly different properties. We came on board at the start of the construction, working with the developer from the get-go to create a beautiful selection of printed and digital designs to advertise both the new build and conversion homes coherently.


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Chapter 1

Getting started

The first design element we needed to complete was the hoarding. Construction had already begun when we started working on the project and it was crucial to get the hoarding up as soon as possible, not only to hide the construction site but also to start marketing the homes to passing footfall.

To design the hoarding, we first needed to create a logo and branding concept. The existing architecture of the building to be converted is mostly early Victorian, offering excellent character. These historical details were our main inspiration and we ended up creating a logo design inspired by the design of the original doors and windows. We chose an elegant combination of typefaces and a spring-like colour palette with shades of grey, charcoal blue and a selection of asparagus green shades. For the primary colour and logo application we chose the colour ‘Cedar Chest’ which is the matching colour shade for the bronze foiled logo application we applied to the printed media.

We wanted the Carmelite Place brand to feel very high-end but at the same time warm and welcoming, while representing the seamless blend of old and new created by the combination of the modern, new homes with the existing Victorian architecture.

Chapter 2

Extending the brand

With the branding established we got to start working on the hoarding. We created a design that focuses not only on the stunning interiors but also on the fantastic North London location. The hoarding focused on giving people a glimpse of the lifestyle Carmelite Place has to offer: luxurious life in a beautifully designed home with excellent connections to London.

While we were waiting for the final computer-generated images of the homes to be completed before we could order the hoarding, we started working on the rest of the marketing material: the digital and printed brochures, data sheets for each home and the website.

Brochure on white and mauve background with leaf shadow
North London map

Chapter 3

Two elements, two brochures

We produced two brochures for the development: one for printing and one for digital use. The print brochure was printed in portrait with elegant minimalist layouts, on a high-quality paper with bronze foiling. The digital version of the brochure followed the same design but in a landscape layout with interactive elements optimised for web usage. You can have a look at this brochure below.

Both artworks are accompanied by a set of data sheets which show the floor plans for each home and its location on site. These give detailed information about the room and garden sizes, locations and orientations, to help prospective buyers decide quicker on which plot(s) they are most interested in.

If you would like to see the digital brochure we have embedded it below, please take a look:

Chapter 4

Web design

The client’s main requirement for the website was to include an interactive site plan to help prospective buyers easily select the plots they are interested in. We wanted to lead with this feature and we decided to repurpose the aerial CGI with clickable hotspots. As the main feature of the homepage, the interactive image immediately creates a very engaging and dynamic feel which we carried through to the rest of the web pages. Wanting to keep the design minimalistic and elegant, we decided to add subtle movement to some of the designs to create this feel.

The user journey was also very important; we wanted to ensure that none of the pages were dead-ends and users always have something else to discover about the properties. Every page leads to another with the information flow getting more and more detailed as buyers progress through the site. The more users look, the more details they can find out along with pictures and virtual tours of the show home. We also included plenty of call-to-actions encouraging clients to download the brochure, view the data sheets and get in touch with the sales team.

If you would like to have a look around the site, please click here.

Tablet on wooden table

The Outcome

We are very proud of the high-quality outcome of the Camelite Place project. We delivered the results on time and within budget. The client was very satisfied with the outcome that represented the quality focused, high-end and detail-oriented approach they are all about. The project has also been successful in other ways, as the units are currently 50% reserved – though this is almost certainly down to the exceptionally high standard of the homes and the concept of the project (we are very proud of our contribution, however).

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