DJD Rebrand

Same great service with a new identity

The challenge with the Dowling Jones Design rebrand was that we wanted to modernise and refresh the brand without losing the company identity that clients are used to and, more importantly, trust.

DJD Old Logo

Chapter 1

Logo redesign

We started the process by re-imagining the minimal circular logo. We explored different concepts, from type-based logo ideas to more abstract designs before we landed on the semi-circle design. We felt that this idea gave the brand a more modern and playful feel while keeping aspects of the familiar circular shape of the old logo. As the shapes represent the DJD initials, we also decided to shorten the brand name and refer to it simply as DJD or This was an important part of stepping away from the old brand name that was no longer relevant, but at the same time keeping a reference to the established identity. The London addition to the brand name is an important distinguisher for DJD within the Fourwalls Group family as DJD runs all of the Group’s London operations. 

DJD Logo Concepts in notepad

Chapter 2

The colours

We had a clear idea from the start: RGB. The colour profile for digital colouring fits the brand very well; most of our output is digital and we are also trying to promote sustainable design by using cutting edge digital-first solutions. Our initial concepts featured traditional and bright red, green and blue colours. Although these worked well and represented our cause, the brand only really came together when we decided to go down a more abstract route. We ended up using a more pinkish ‘amaranth’ colour for red, a teal colour called ‘dark cyan’ for green and a dark shade of ‘charcoal’ to represent blue.

DJ Logo
Logo Colours
DJD Fonts3

Chapter 3

Selecting fonts, supporting colours and design elements

Our new typography is fun, modern and bold. We chose the unique Bely Display font for our headlines and selected the much simpler yet elegant Museo Sans Rounded typeface for our secondary font. The pairing perfectly represents DJD’s dynamic, approachable but at the same time very professional approach.

We also introduced a secondary colour palette reserving the primary colours only to be used for the logo. These secondary colours are equally striking but they provide a greater variety of choices to suit any applications.

We also decided to include a number of classic geometric shapes in the design that can be used as background graphics, image overlays and interactive elements on the website. Adding a playful touch to designs, these elements help promote engagement and strengthen the brand feel by representing the geometrical nature of the logo.

Brand Colours

Chapter 4

Design applications

Once we finalised the logo, the brand colours, fonts and design brand elements, we shifted our focus to applying these to different medias. Apart from designing traditional elements such as letterheads and business cards, we also created a new website. While designing the site we wanted to ensure that we are not only getting across a strong brand presence but also place focus on DJD’s imagery, video and design output to let the products be in focus.

Website mockup 2
DJD branded stationery mockup

The Outcome

We believe that the final outcome represents what DJD is all about: high-quality creative output from a dynamic, approachable, forward thinking and passionate team.

If you would like to see a summary of the branding outcome, please click here to see the brand cheat sheet we produced.

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