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For the past few years, the DJD creative team has been working with a number of the Hamptons London branches, creating bespoke brochures for beautiful, high value homes – though we should note our Folio brochure service suits any home, regardless of size or location. As each brochure is tailored to each individual property it doesn’t matter whether the client is selling a two-bedroom flat in Kensington or a five-bedroom terraced house in Battersea; our brochures focus on highlighting the intricate design and architectural details of these homes to help prospective buyers imagine the lifestyle their new home will give them.



Drone image of modern home in London

Chapter 1

The first steps

Once all the necessary arrangements have been made, one of our photographers visits the property to take images, measure the floor plan and record a video and Matterport scan if required. Sometimes additional visits are required if the weather is against us, or for dusk shots to show the property, quite literally, in a different light. For very large homes we often send two photographers; this also helps us to get lots of different angles. It’s a very thorough process and often takes over half a day.

The raw images then get sent to our office where we begin the process of enhancing, drawing up the floor plan and editing the video into a slick property film. At this time, our copywriters would also start on the copy for the brochure. For properties in London the location is key, therefore we always make sure not only to provide plenty of information on the homes but also give a detailed description on the local area.

For particularly impressive homes – those with lots of history, in a prime location, or with stunning interior design – our copywriters will also conduct an interview, either with the owner or the designer of the home and sometimes both. For high-net-worth individuals selling homes, time is of the essence, so a phone interview is the best way to get maximum detail without taking up too much of a person’s day – we have interviewed people while they have been waiting at airports, having their hair done at a salon, and while out walking their dog! People love to talk about their homes, particularly when they have undertaken extensive works and renovations, so the conversation is usually very easy, and we come away with lots of great detail to make the copywriting sound great.

Chapter 2

Let’s start designing

The next step is to create the design and theme for the brochure. This consists of the logo design motifs, colour scheme, texture and fonts.

Our designers carefully look through the pictures, looking for design elements such as patterns, motifs or textures that stand out and can be used to represent the house. For example, if a house had particularly interesting gates, we might incorporate these into a logo, or if there was a recognisable wallpaper motif we might use this for a background. We would make a note of these and start sketching out logo ideas. The best of these ideas would then be developed further and we would eventually pick out a final design.

While looking at the pictures we also check if there’s a prominent colour scheme used throughout the interior design of the home. We find it very important that the brochures we design match the homes. Therefore, we always aim to use colours in the design that harmonise with the property. This helps in creating outstanding brochure artwork that, although has a very strong design, doesn’t overshadow the property.

After this, all that’s left to do is select the fonts. This might sound like an easy task but selecting the right font takes time. The feel of the typeface always needs to reflect the property; for example, for a modern home we would use simple geometric fonts and for a home with a more classical design we would pick elegant serif fonts. The typefaces we select for headings are bold fonts which make a statement, while we always choose a body copy font that is easy to read, even if it’s used in a smaller font size.

Neutral colour toned living room with high end designer furniture

Chapter 3

Custom graphics

Once we have the logo, the colours and the fonts, we start working on custom graphics for the brochure. As location is key in London, for these Folio brochures we always prepare a custom location map and custom tube map. We make sure that these graphics include travel times to key locations as well as a highlight of all the local amenities.

Chapter 4

The final brochure

With the graphics done, it’s time to create the first draft of the final artwork. On the front and back cover we often use different textures and print effects such as foiling. On the internal pages, using a mixture of wider shots and detail images, the Folio brochures always show the properties in great detail focusing on the best features of the homes. We include as many images as possible and also add the floor plan and links to any digital content, like a property video, either with a shortened link or a QR code so it can be watched from a mobile device.

With this the design is done. We send the first draft to the client for feedback and once the brochure is approved we also supply a digital flipbook (similar to the example below).

Ovington gardens brochure mockup with page turning

The Outcome

Our Folio brochures are beautiful and efficient sales tools, perfect for showcasing stunning homes regardless of their size, design style or location. If you are interested in finding out more, please click on the link below.

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