Treetops Marketing Package

A stunning property nested in the heart of Kensington

A home like Treetops deserves special attention. For this particular Folio assignment, our teams carried out an extensive list of creative services to create an outstanding marketing package to help selling this amazing home. We even created a 28(!)-page specifications brochure which is definitely a first for any property we have ever worked on! But as you’ll discover, Treetops is no ordinary house.



Chapter 1

Visiting Treetops

The first step after the initial conversation with the client was sending one of our talented photographers to the site. During the visit they not only took beautiful photographs but also shot the property video, measured the floor plan and recorded a Matterport scan. This provided the base for our designers to start working on the marketing materials.

Chapter 2

The early stages

Once the raw files have been collected at the property and the floor plan has been sketched, our in-house designers, copywriters, editors and floor plan drawers begin work. The photo team goes through all the many images to select the best ones; these are edited to bring out the lighting and details, before being sent to the client and the agent for approval to go in the brochure. Our floor plan team also works to draw up the sketches to create a highly detailed plan: this was particularly important for Treetops, which wasn’t a huge property but did have an unusual floor plan over several floors. We also start work editing the property film.

The owners of Treetops had created a very special home, working closely with their construction team and the interior designer to make a very high-specification residence. It had been their family home for around 30 years and they were very invested in the outcome of the project and were keen to sell to someone who understood how special the house was, particularly in its setting. Because of this, they were forthcoming with the details and provided extensive notes on the fixtures and fittings which we then started working into the copy for the brochure. The hard part was distilling all the information into the limited word count – there was so much to say!

Simultaneously we also worked on the branding. For a property of this calibre it was important to create a unique brand identity tailored to the home’s design. We carefully looked through the images to find unique features and prominent colours that we could use for the branding. We would normally present our concept to the client however the seller of Treetops was an artist, and they were very keen to be involved in the logo design process. The final outcome was a collaboration between the vendor and our design team, an elegant and timeless initial-based logo design that perfectly represents the sophistication of Treetops.

Chapter 3

The brochure design

Once the individual marketing elements and branding was finalised, we started working on the brochure, or in this case brochures! Firstly, we prepared the cover design that features the Treetops logo in silver over a concrete texture representing the elegant and modern interior design in the home. After this we prepared the design elements for the brochure. For this home we created a custom location map, custom tube map and custom distances graphic. The two main colours we chose for these graphics were Dark Gunmetal and Metallic Silver, which helped to create an elegant and harmonious theme throughout. For the text pages we used historic initials based on the logo design, which gave the brochure a very distinctive look.

On completion of the main brochure, the client requested a separate smaller brochure for the specifications of the home. Even with high-spec homes this is a very unique request but we came up with the idea of creating an A5 booklet that follows the design of the main brochure, listing all the detailed specifications.

The Outcome

We were proud to be able to work on a design for such a unique and amazing home. Our high-quality marketing package with stunning photos and an elegant and sophisticated brochure helped Treetops get the attention it deserved.

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