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Yes, DJD is a CAA approved operator and holds an unmanned aircraft operational authorisation. Our CAA registration number is GBR-OP-NWB963CJMTXD

Yes, all pilots are qualified to fly in the open category using smaller and lighter drones and some are qualified to fly in the specific category for complex flights with larger drones.

Yes, we hold specialist liability insurance, sourced from a specialist drone-specific broker.

Yes, we have strict planning and risk assessment procedures in place as advised and approved by the CAA as part of our flight operations manual.

Yes, we would recommend that you make any immediate neighbours aware that we will be flying a drone to take photos and/or video. If a drone suddenly appears with no notice some people can be understandably concerned about what it is being used for.

We are legally allowed to fly over neighbouring properties although there are restrictions in place depending on the size of drone and the type of license held by the pilot. Our pilots will always try to be considerate and where possible make neighbours aware when we will be flying and what we are doing. Please click here for further information.

Normally no more than 30 minutes but that can vary depending on the type and size of the property and the services that have been ordered.

Our drones shoot high resolution RAW and JPEG images and the video is shot in 4k which will provide the highest quality final product.

We are permitted to fly to a maximum height of 120 metres.

We can tailor our shoots to suit each client’s personal preferences, but a typical drone shoot would comprise a variety of lower-level front, side and rear shots, horizon shots from a greater height and bird’s-eye view plot shots.

Next working day unless the photography is part of a premium shoot.

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