Matterport scanning technology allows the viewer to experience a property just like they’re there in person, navigating around in their own time to gain insight into and understanding of the space. This all-in-one reality capture service gives you a realistic, interactive 3D and VR experience that can be viewed on any device.

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Benefits of Matterport

  • A fresh, exciting service on the cutting-edge of technology
  • Dolls house view of entire property
  • Visit to the property by a skilled operative
  • An immersive experience compatible with virtual reality headsets
  • Easy to share with vendors and potential buyers
  • Potential alternative to viewings, especially for international buyers

Tagging & Linking

Scans are hosted on Matterport’s proprietary system and possible amendments following the scan are limited, although there is functionality available to highlight key features within a property. This includes Mattertags which can link to pictures, hyperlinks and text within the scan. Similarly multiple scans can be connected to showcase properties with multiple dwellings or distinctly separate areas.

Modern swimming pool with glitterballs
Blue sofa with purple abstract paintings on all behind and plants
Minimalist white bedroom with pink and red abstract picture

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